New Student sign-up Procedure

1.       Fill out application online or in-studio

When you fill out the online application an automatic email notification is sent to the instructor informing him that someone is simply interested in lessons.  At this point there is no obligation at all and the instructor will contact you by phone or email to set up an interview.


2.     Schedule  an  In Studio  Interview  in  person or online


An interview time can be set up on-line, on the website, or by phone.  The purpose of the interview is to determine the needs and ambition of the student, as well as determine the class length that best fits the student’s needs. The interview also serves as a time for the student, parent, and instructor to simply get acquainted with each other.  This is especially useful with younger children.  Music lessons at 5 Smooth Stones Music Studio are mainly geared towards students that really possess a strong desire to learn to sing or play an instrument as opposed to students that are being “pushed” into taking lessons.  That strong desire to learn or play an instrument is one of the primary elements that I am looking for during the interview process with a potential student.  The talent or ability level of a potential student is not considered at all during the interview process, and will not be a basis for acceptance or dismissal of that potential student. 

3.     Review and sign  the  Studio  Policy and Agreement form  in   the  Studio

After the interview a copy of the Studio Policy Agreement read  then signed by the parent of the student or by the student if the student is an adult. Signing of the Studio Policy Agreement confirms that the student has read and understands the 5 Smooth Stones Music Studio Policy and Procedures.  A copy of the agreement is also given to the student at that time.

4.   Schedule a  Lesson  Time

The student’s lesson time and length is scheduled.