Lesson Rates Effective May 1, 2014

Piano Lessons ½ hour - $100.00/Month at Yearly rate

Voice Lessons ½ hour - $100.00 /Month atYearly rate

Fees for piano and voice lessons are offered at  Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly Package rates.

Yearly Package Rate

A yearly package consists of 48 weekly lessons in a year. Sept 1, 2011 – Aug 31, 2012.    The annual tuition in a yearly package is divided into 12 equal monthly installment payments that are due on the first lesson of each month.  This monthly tuition fee does not include books, materials, supplies or recital fees.   45 minute and 1 hour classes are available for more advanced students.  See instructor for details. 

Yearly Rate: Package of 48 lessons in a 12 month period

Lesson Length

Piano /Voice Monthly  Installment



½ hour




¾ hour




1 hour