Welcome to 5 Smooth Stones Music Studio My name is Greg Brown and I teach private piano and voice lessons at 5 Smooth Stones Music Studio.  I have been a full time private music instructor for over 17 years.   My classes are fun, energetic, challenging and informative.  I use some of the latest technology including music software and hardware to broaden my students understanding of musical concepts and further strengthen their grasp of Music Theory.   I strive to develop the "overall musicianship" of the student in addition to developing their skill and abilities at the piano or with their voice.  You won't find a rigid, boring piano or vocal lesson during one of my private sessions.  The students creativity and input are encouraged almost from the very first lesson, and students are taught how to "listen" to music with a discriminating ear with the intentional purpose of learning from the music they're listening to. 

Piano/keyboard  is a complicated and diverse instrument that simply cannot be taught effectively  with only one or two  methods. There have been volumes written and studied about  how to most efficiently reach and teach the modern piano student.  I have found that in this technologically contemporary age, students want to be up and playing as quickly as possible. Being a classically trained vocalist and jazz pianist  with a diverse background, I fully understand the necessity of a solid understanding in the rudiments of Music Theory as well as intermediate and advanced Music Theory.  However, in my classes,  I only introduce the sector of Music Theory  that DIRECTLY applies to helping the student to play better at the level he is currently at.  In other words I don't teach Music Theory simply for the sake of knowing Music Theory but I teach it  as it pertains directly to making the student a better singer or player in an extremely pragmatic way. 

The gift of musicianship is a wonderful and powerful talent to have, and be entrusted with.  So my style of teaching reflects and adheres to  that philosophy.   My style of teaching attempts to pull the student along rather than to push them.  There is an old saying that goes, " You can catch more flies with Honey than you can with vinegar"  By that I mean that I try to get students to see the natural beauty and feel the passion that lies within a certain pieces of music first.  Then, hopefully the student will be"drawn" into it, hence the pulling effect.  I also strongly believe in giving my students the freedom to make mistakes by redefining for them what failure truly is.  I never consider it "failure" if a student is doing all that I've asked them to do and they still make mistakes with a piece.  In fact to me, that is not failure at all.  My definition of failure is if you give up and quit trying.  I constantly reinforce this message to my students, because I know a little secret.  The secret that I know  is that if you will persistently work hard, work focused and never give up, then you will achieve your goals.  This is who I am, and this is how I teach.  I NEVER lose sight of the fact that this is music that I am introducing, and that  It should ALWAYS be enjoyable first, and then we get down to the learning of the necessary steps to completing a piece of music.  Enjoy the Ride!!

 Greg Brown